Cidewalk gives you different ways to connect with your customers that suites various business needs. When you create your ad, you will be given the option to choose how you want to interact with your potential customers.

Here are the ad click action options.  When your ad is clicked, the user will have the option to either: 

  1. Send you a text message 
  2. Send you an email 
  3. Go to your website



Click to callCOMING SOON!


1. How do I change the click action for my existing live promotion(s)?

To change your existing ad(s) from email to "click to text" or send "traffic to your website", you will need to “STOP” your promotion and then re-launch it. To do this, login and click on your promotion in your dashboard. On your stats page click on the “Manage Promotion” button on the right, then click “Stop Promotion”. *Be sure to remember your ad title and description for re-launch, it will not be saved. To re-launch your ad(s), go to your dashboard and click on "Launch a Promotion" at the top.

2. Can I choose different click actions for each of my promotions?

Yes. You can choose a different click option for each of your ad promotions slots if you wish, or you can choose the same action for all of them. And the best part is, you can change your mind and switch the click actions at any time. Follow the instructions above for each of your ad promotions and select the click action desired when you re-launch your ad.

3. I cancelled my Cidewalk account, can I log back in?
If you cancelled your subscription LESS than 30 days ago and your ads are still running until the end of your billing cycle, you can still login and edit your click action.  Just follow the steps in FAQ 1.

If you cancelled your subscription MORE than 30 days ago and your promotions are "compete", you can login and re-launch a promotion and select your preferred click action.  



Existing users, login here

If you  have any other questions, please submit a ticket to Cidewalk support.