Our self service system is very simple and easy to get started without the need for time consuming walk-through sales demos. Create, manage, edit or stop as many ads as you need all in your dashboard. And since we don't need to have a sales team on standby, we get to keep costs super low for all businesses.

To get started simply check out this form, where you can set up and create your ad campaign:


Once your ad is up and running you can access reports and live campaign footprint snapshots.  Check out a sample report below.

TIP: You can edit your ad anytime even after you launched it, right from your account. All changes will go live in less than 3 minutes.

Want to know more? Check out our Tour here: https://www.cidewalk.com/tour.html 

Have questions? We're just a text away! Simply Text "Hello to 205-512-9896 to reach out text-only support line.