Talkio is different than your typical website chat widget. Although it looks the same (see image below), the messages aren't routed through your website, they actually go right to your website visitors as text messages (so they aren't stuck on your website if they lose connection or accidentally close the chat window). With your Talkio chat widget, you and your team can easily manage incoming message and drive sales! 

How you get started using Talkio:

1. Sign up for an account:

2. Click on Talkio in your dashboard

3. Enter the cell phone number you will be using to reply/manage incoming messages (this can be changed at any time)

4. Choose a Talkio number that will be linked to your phone* (customes will only see your Talkio number)

5. Checkout and then add the widget to your website

*Choosing a Talkio number to be linked to your phone protects your personal cell number from being visable to people using your Talkio widget to contact you.

Talkio Website Widget: