As a small business owner, you’ve probably marketed your business with signs, banners, flyers and one-pagers.  These included all kinds of text and fancy graphic designs.  But in this day and age where everyone has their eyes on their phone, mobile marketing is now the way to grab your customer’s attention.  

But how do you take all of the information about your business and describe it in two lines or less and get the attention of potential customers?  As you can imagine, it will be difficult.

You will begin with, “what should my ad say?”  Well, I’m here to help.  Advertisers sometimes lose sight of what their customers are actually looking for.  Here is how we can work together – you’re going to continue being the expert on your business, and I will meet you halfway and chime in with some online marketing tips.  

We’re going to use the, “work-backwards approach” and figure out the “end-goal”.  To do this, instead of thinking about the best 3 lines to describe your business, let’s establish your customers’ need first, and work backwards from there.  

The question you need to answer with your ad is, “Is this relevant to my customer?” How do you answer that question?  First establish what is the solution or end-goal that your product/service brings.

Let’s use a Fitness Center example:

Typical title used: “Best Fitness Center”  
End-goal title: “Be Beach Ready”

Do you see the difference?  We established that the end-goal of using a fitness center is being “beach ready”.  Of course, there could be many other reasons someone would want to use a fitness center, such as “getting healthy”.  The good news is you can use different messaging to see what works best, because you can edit your ad at any time.  Woohoo, marketing is fun isn’t it?

So let’s create your ad.
Step 1: Establish the end-goal of what you offer_________________________
Step 2: Create a 25 character title________________________________________
Step 3: Create a 80 character description_________________________________

Description: the description can be a continuation of your title, since the title space is limited to 25 characters.  In continuing with the fitness center example, let’s complete the full Cidewalk ad:

Title: “Be Beach Ready”
Description: “Get the body you want in 30 days at Evolve Fitness.  May Special 50% off 1st mo”

We accomplished multiple things with this ad:
Established the end-goal (what’s in it for them)
Told them where (Evolve Fitness)
Offered them a time sensitive special discount (50% off)

Here is a helpful checklist to test how strong your ad is.  The more of the following you can use in your ad, the better:

  • Highlight your value prop (relevant end-goal)
  • Include any offers (e.g 50% off first services)
  • Make it personal (e.g  special offer for YOU)
  • Have a clear message (avoid slang or uncommon words and phrases)
  • Urgency or call to action (e.g offer valid this month only)